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county... 3 baltimore city... baltimore county... howard county... for &plinks to a complete list in your county.. go to our website .. fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3 map 295belairmap 3 & still have more than a hundred phousand b-g-e customers waking upp ithout power this mo.'s a look at the latest numbers.accordinn to &pb-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county...baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... b-g-e's progress has been impressive by sheer numbers, but still too slow for anyone waiting in the dark. joel . smith is llve in glen burnie... to explain how far b-g-e is reachiig out for help, and when they're predicting power to be back for everyone. good morning joel d. ((ad lib)))utility crews have comeefrom as far away as florida... texas... and quebec, canada... to lend hand with all these lines. and aim to have everyone hooked p pgain by friday.why does it take so long... it's simppe... this s mannal labor, around potentiilly deadly power lines. lines. live powerrliies... wee ffund thhs llne on fire
far is ft. mchenry from the city of baltimore itself? >> baltimore really is right outside our gate, but during the war of 1812, it was a good mile and a half, so this was really outside the city, but it was the key. it was the linchpin. it was the main defensive work that stood between the city of baltimore and the might of the royal navy. >> our guest is vince vaise, chief of interpretation of ft. mchenry just outside of baltimore. he's with the national park service and we ask you to call in with your questions, 202-737-0001 if you're in the eastern or central time zones, 202-737-0002 for mountain and pacific. vince vaise, as a stand there on the ramparts as you call them, tell us about the battle itself. how long did it last? how did it begin, and how long did it last? >> yeah. the battle was actually critical because from the angle you're filming me behind me is south, and on two weeks before the battle, you could see a glow in the sky. that was when the british captured our capital, washington, d.c., and burned the government buildings, so people were really glum. i mean, no o
available. he wanted to the fbi...but first his plans were to become a baltimore city police officer and detective.but those dreams were abruptly cut short, when william daughtry was killed last july in what his mother calls a random act of violence. violence.janice park is streaming live at baltimore city police headquarters to tell us more about this mother's fight for justice. jan? janice?karen,carlene stewart describes her son as an honors &pstudent...who had just taken become a baltimore city police officer.but now this same department that's investigating his murder. strangers walking by, don't give much thought to this corner in northeast baltimore. messages written to william daughtry may be washing away... away...but they will forever be with his mother, carlene ste: stewart:"i believe in my heart, my son sees my tears and smile and he's with me ever" everyday""the last thing my son said to me was mom i'll be " back""and i never thought that would be last time i would see my son alive"last july, the 20 year old who dreamed of being a city police officer was skateb
people so far in baltimore city. health officials say emergency rooms have been swarmed. i east and bottled water has been passed out to people -- ice and bottled water have been passed out to people without power. davis says he suffered back-to- back heat. he and his wife continue to sleep at home with the windows closed for safety reasons, driving up the temperature. >> it has been miserable. that is true. >> we are just try to cope with it. we bought a portable fans. my grandson, he got sick and had to rush him to the emergency room because he has asthma. >> the heat wave -- the heat is a silent killer. those with chronic conditions can get sick after the heat wave breaks. you have to be vigilant before and after the heat wave takes off. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. making matters worse, no power one week after last friday's storm. b.g.e. crews have been working around the clock. 29,000 people are still without power. officials hope to have everybody back online by the end of the weekend. you can find up-to-the-minute information on the power outages online a
,000 without service. in baltimore county, more than 32,000 have no power. baltimore city, it's just under 20,000. and howard county has 4700 customers still without service. in all right now, 77,000 homes and businesses still need to have their service restored. maryland's heat wave continues right now. a heat advisory is in effect for most of the state. outside, it's sunny and hot. and for the eighth day in a row, the temperature is over 90 degrees. first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk, who is updating these pleasant conditions. >> unfortunately, i don't see a lot of that break coming until maybe next week. we have a break in the thunderstorms now. it's very quiet. just a few things up near west virginia. but we do expect to see things beginning to pop this afternoon. a few things showing up. not much to look at at this point. but i am concerned with all of this heat and energy in the atmosphere, we could see some widely scattered, severe thunderstorms tonight. probably between 5:00 and 9:00. most should be over by then. but there's certainly a possibility of some isolated
- thousand people waking up baltimore city and county. joel d. smith is live in towson where they're waking p pn the dark again as the next round of storms come in. good morning joel d. 3& patrice, right now, thereeare a handful of newwoutagee to report: bge now says 2 hundred customers aar withoutt power... mostly in the towwon area... that's rough,, bbt nothing compared to the 3/4 of a million knockkd out a week and a half ago, including hhre on cedarcroft road. itttook workers frrm all over the country, and canada, working around the clock in done. the last custooer restored yesterdayyafternoon. the storm was historic in it's mmhem... trees fell on power linns, aad homes on this road. some of the folks we talked with headed to hotels for days, wwile their homes basically boiled. others tried to stick it out, sleeping in the basement....., but quuckly learned it's not just humans having a tough time with 80 or 90 degrees iidoors. 5122 we have two large dogs inside, 70 pounds each. they &pcouldn't get cool for a whole week. they panted 24-7, ha ah aha aha ..
of which have been in baltimore city. and that danger is why doctors are telling people to stay out of the sun or find a cool place to cool off. >> reporter: another day under a vicious sun, as triple digit temperatures bear down on baltimore. >> the humidity has made it unbearable. doesn't matter if you're in the shade or in the sun. >> i'm sweating water now. i feel like a walking river right now. >> reporter: people sweating it out in the city. try to refuel. create their own shade, or simply ditch a few layers in an effort to stay cool. >> it's horrible. because it's so hot and sweaty. and it's just the noad -- not a good feeling. >> keeping cool with umbrella, water. >> reporter: but when it's this hot, the weather isn't just uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. >> we definitely see a lot more people coming in who are dehydrated. they're not anticipating it. >> reporter: dr. michael witting works in the e.r.a. the -- e.r., the maryland medical center. he says people come in dehydrated, confused and weak. but it can get worse. >> the heat has been blamed for eight deaths in
to direct our residents to a place. >> we find people bonding with neighbors and baltimore city. this man lost his power friday night. >> i was calling my neighbors, but we have not had a response. >> although some said they are running out of patience, many say they are appreciative their frustration has sparked camaraderie. because of the heat alert and the power outages, at 18 cooling centers will be open through thursday. we should also mention that the city pools will be open for an additional hour on the fourth of july holiday. >> a reminder you can find out to the minute information online at and you can also access are free smartphone apps. >> ipods for the hot ticket items sought from a video game retailer. nicklaus and james still the devices along with other electronics from the gamestop. they were bandanas over their faces, snatched the cabinet, and threatened an employee. a scare at the airport where a woman tried to get through security of carrying this yesterday. investigators say the blade was hidden inside a column. the woman was escorting her daughter to catc
power at this hour and most of those outages are in baltimore county. baltimore city slowly making progress a little more than 19,000 people out. if you're-- if your power is still out, let them know. those numbers mean absolutely nothing for those still without power. it is still hot and there's no end in sight
and baltimore city leaders. the dpgovernor sat down yesterd with mike miller. o'malley says he's more confident a special session on the issue will happen this summer. supporters of expanded gambling want to add a casino in prince george's county and legalize table games at maryland casinos. >>> just about 6:07. robert griffin iii, we'll show you his new commercial that just hit the air. >>> plus, a rescue caught on tape. a woman in a wheelchair takes a frightening spill. >>> and when the hot and steamy weather could turn to stormy. weather and traffic on the ones, just ahead. >>> and next, it's not an olympic sport that maybe it should be. the viral video of some parallel ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >>> check this out. a woman gets encouragement while she's trying to parallel park. some drunk soccer fans cheered for her and help her park in munster, germany. somebody posted this video on youtube on sunday and already it has more than a quarter million clicks. this video was reported when germany beat arg
county...baltimore city still has abbutt50-thousand people than 30-thousand people who e - need electricity. spokesman ffr b-g-e...rob, we - know that those out of state job.but doesn't this really expose a weakness in the system.... f you're reeying then you have this sudden nd other states that we rely on... have theer own issses. state senator jim 3rosapepe says we should have more power lines buried underground.,and today he called on the p-s-c to study &punderground......nd he took sayiig... ou pump up your profftss... b underrinvvstiig pn preppration to promptly repair damage.why haven you put more lines underground?any change in your prediction, that it could be the weekend beforeeeveryone is back on lineerob ggull, from b- g-e, thanks for being wiih us. ...we do have a few clloings to tell you about tonight... baltimore city community college.... andthe community college offbaltimore county in cattnsville....will be closed tomorrow because of pooerr problems...... closings are still coming in...watcc the screen for the updated llst. - 70 hours and counting for maay
, baltimore city police commanders are trying to assure the public that they have tomorrows celebrations at the inner harbor under control. >> the lead investigative reporter jane miller is live at the inner harbor with more. >> people will know, police say, the plan they intend to use tomorrow to maintain that control of the inner harbor. from a man who is clearly jockeying to take that place of the position retiring, that is where you will know it. a huge crowd is expected for the annual 4th of july fireworks. last year, the celebration was marred by the fatal stabbing of a tourist. and the non-fatal shooting of a 4-year-old boy. not this year, officials say. >> come tomorrow. that is what i'm saying. the cops will be as professional as they always are. we have some intelligent men and women that are going to monitor the event. we are set. >> the plan includes the use of bike racks to ring the harbor. mobile police deployment to head off trouble spots. and a command center that will rely on videos supplied by fox- trot and cameras to maintain surveillance of the entire harbor. >> a cou
million hole in the city's budget. so we spoke with chief kevin cartright, spokesman for the baltimore fire department, and he told us the firefighters in the company would be reassigned elsewhere and the cuts would save the city $2.2 million over the next fiscal year. the weather ironically has given the three-lame duck fire companies new life. they have been open since the storm and they will get to stay open a little longer. two, until monday and one until october 1st. but with more inclement weather possible this weekend, who's to say what they need? the baltimore firefighters union said it perfectly this week in this quote. the fire department is nothing short of an insurance company. you cannot predict when things are going to happen. so baltimore isn't the only city that's had to make big public sector sacrifices like this to stay afloat in the economy. up next, what is it going to mean for us this summer with so many cities going broke just when we really need their help. they have names like idle time books and smash records and on small business saturday they remind a nation
mentioned. 68 for the baltimore city center. really warm in the city at the rage began national -- reagan national airport. dewpoints fairly high making our temperatures already feeling close to 80 degrees inside the beltway. overall today we are going to be pretty good with our sunshine into the afternoon. showers will be hit or miss in nature, then overnight tonight we are partly cloudy. tomorrow i think the first half of your fourth of july celebrations go without a hitch. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms moving on in late in the day. again that could impact your delay. some of the fireworks displays in the evening. today's highs right around 95 degrees. next three days are yellow weather alert days. showers and thunderstorms possible each afternoon and definitely looking another a sticky 7-day forecast. overnight lows in the 70s, daytime highs in the middle 90s. monika? >>> we know you want to hear from pepco. we hoped to bring you that interview but we are still waiting. we hope to get that to you before the end of the show. >>> our time 6:17. still ahead a big vote on metro
confirmed her identity. two fire companies in the city will close today.. due to baltimore's budget deficit.but &pone oo the companies sllted t close.. will be open a little bit longer.thii is video of truck 10 at fire on oberts street in wwst baltimore on wednesday night.the president of the ffreeighters union says occober.10 will not closeeuntil a warning tooay... for &pfamilies planning another barbecue this summer. &psummer. the centers or disease control and prevention spike in emergency room &pvisits... due to people grill brushes.the c-d-c saas injuries raage frommsmalls ut in the neckk.. to more serious conditions... such as intestinal gashes thaa require emergency surggry..o befooe you start flipping burgers... surface for stray bristles. coming up... a daredevil.. takks a big fall. fall.the three thingg that made this death- ddfying tightrope.. nearly mpossibbe to do... aad how he managed to . survivv. you're do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why
so. things are getting better near where you live. 78 in washington. 71 in baltimore. north and west of the city, 60s overnight. 60s in winchester. 59 in hagerstown. let's take a look at our radar. did have a few showers pop up. don't see them any longer. we have a warm front working through. can't get much warmer than it's been, so it won't, but humidity will increase behind the front. overnight dew point temperatures on the rise here, and i think you'll notice the humidity back in the forecast today. otherwise, heat wave continues. could be a scattered storm today. better chance tomorrow afternoon. stay tuned for that. then more heat the end of the week, highs near 100 friday and saturday. >> say that under your breath. >> thanks, tucker. >> let's go to julie wright now. good morning. >> did i hear right, the pool is not working? you have to get the kind where you fill it up from the faucet. >> i'm about to do that. >> much easier. >> i don't know if he'll jump in the pool. >> you need to take a picture and show us. >> yeah, that would be cute. >> on the road now, outer loop of the
have got the 5 hundred repeaters and beast unleashed and christmas in july and emerald city premier and that's the big stuff when you go to the professional shows in downtown baltimore wherever it is this is the kind of stuff you are seeing here and this recreates theprofessional effect the professionals can do. we get as close as we can. and single shot tubes and small rear peaters and red, white blue area is is a reloadable motor cap. >> beast unleashed i love it. you brought one we can set off and this is a novelty what's the story behind this one. >> this is the rock around the clock fountain similar to the one we let off a minute ago but wheels will shoot off from the side 108 and the hour and minute hand will turn as it goes off. >> fire that baby up. this one we should tell you as he does quit laughing. seriously go ahead. fire it up. now we should mention this is one of the fireworks that is legal in maryland so we are not doing anything that is uncroup louse. he will do this on this 4th of july to see action and spirit in the parking lot. come back over here while we watch
. >> city police are investigating a shooting in northwest baltimore. police say a man was shot multiple times just after 3:00 saturday morning in the 3500 block of west belvedere avenue. 21-year-old was hit in the face and body and he was taken to an area hospital and is in critical but stable condition. detectives are asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact the northwest precinct. >> a four wheeler timid over in baltimore county sending eight people to the hospital. the accident happened in the 1700 block of munkton farm drive a little after 10:00 has night. baltimore county police are currently investigating that incident and police in carroll county are investigating a multivehicle car crash in mount airy. it happened at the intersection of route 27 and south main street before 7:00 last night. we're told there were multiple injuries. no word of what caused that crash. howard county police have identified a man killed in a car crash in ellicott city. the accident happened around 1:45 saturday in the 9500 block of old frederick road. mrs. say 87-year-old harold n
of dollars for the state of maryland. millions of dollars for prince george's county, baltimore city. >> governor o'malley says he won't call a special session until he has an agreement from house leaders. the assembly must take action by august 20th if it wants the issue to get on the november ballot. >>> still ahead, a major milestone today for the dulles rail project. >> and an approach to protect school children in fairfax county from predators. why some bus routes could be changing. >> team u.s.a. got off to a bad start last night. but ended strong. we're checking sports later. >> here's a live look outside. it is going to be a scorcher, folks. we'll get the latest weather from tucker, traffic from lauren in just a little bit. so stay with us for that. it's 7:11 right now. ould be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings
. >>> it's going to -- the city is beginning to prepare for the baltimore grand prix. you can buy tickets at 58 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for sunday -- 85 dollars for the saturday races and 95 dollars for the sunday race. time to start the 5:00 hour. >>> now, good morning maryland." >> breaking news out of canada a shooting at a backyard barbeque leaves two dead and 19 people injured. why the investigation is going on and where it stand this morning. >> reporter: things are a mess downtown from the massive water main break. what it means for your commute and how long before things get back to normal. [ no audio interest station ] >> it's tuesday july 17th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. a whole lot to talk about. but one of the big stories is the heat. >> that's going to be big and continuing. lynette charles is outsidegiving us a taste of what's going on. people planning for the day how bad will it be? >> out here today, temperatures i am forecasting around 98. so close to 100. a lot of spots will hit 100s. but today w
of the people of baltimore and maryland, we are honored as a city and state to usher in this international by centennial commemoration of the war of 1812. very shortly we will sign a declaration appropriately -- a declaration of peaces, of our people's coming together as we have for the better part of our -- of more than 200-year history together with our neighbors in canada and great britain, and i especially want to thank the commanders of nine other nations whose people sent their beautiful, tal ships and crews to be a part of this commemoration, and i would like to thank each of you. we are kicking off what will be a two-year celebration, and i want to especially thank the united states navy, secretary ray mabis. we could not be more proud of our men and women of the united states navy and marine corps, and the demonstration that you have made here with your personal involvement and commitment has really been outstanding. there many moments i will remember spending time at this fort. congressman burger and john sarbanes with us, i think we share a love for this place. one of the memori
to london. >> she's going to london anyway. it was classy. >>> the baltimore orioles have three all-star going to kansas city and one is a maybe. that man is on the hound tonight. jason hammel gave up eight runs on wednesday against l.a. bottom two peer no score one out, dustin ackley there strikes him out and nabs are runner to end the inning. o's down 0-1. davis takes it all the way downtown and jacks that deep. i was practicing his name before the sports. the orioles lead 3-1 in the fifth inning. >>> the washington capitals have holes on the roster that needs to be filled and they have $20 million in cap space but it louisiana been an uneventful two days of free agency and that's the way it's go inning to stay. no news either for alexander semin. he made it clear he wants to spread his wings elsewhere and has been in his agents office waiting for the calls to come in. some have called him out. they called him a loser and a coach killer. maybe it scared off the masses. that is how mcphee feels about what is going on out there. >> there is a time to get in and a time to stay away.
to the north and west. all of us hot today. all of us well into the mid- to upper 90s. i think the big cities here, washington, baltimore, getting awfully close to 100 late are this afternoon. we are expecting a quiet weather pattern today as far as showers and thunderstorms. not really in the forecast today. high pressure building in from the west and that spells just a fairly quiet weather pat were here. maybe some high cloudiness this afternoon. that will be about t hook how quiet. we don't have any shower or thunderstorm activity across the eastern third of the country at this hour. we are not expecting any later. we'll be quiet today. as we get into tomorrow, another hot one for you for your wednesday but by tomorrow, late in the afternoon, tomorrow night, some shower and thunderstorm activity will arrive in the form a cold front and some of those storms could be strong so we've got to look out for that late in the day tomorrow and than a cooldown here. here is your five-day forecast. then a cool downfor the end of the week. 99 today, plenty of heat, plenty of haze out there. tomorrow, 9
miles from baltimore, but i wanted to relate a story if i might about the city which is also in our county of hartford county and whether or not eustice added any part into her book about the chesapeake bay and the admiral who came into the chesapeake bay and the upper part of the flats, as we called it and stormed the city of haverty grace and the british, of course, there's a wonderful story about the lighthouse keeper, commodore, john o'neal who was taken prisoner by the marines that left admiral's flagship. they burned about 60% of haverty grace, leaving only 40% standing. supposedly those of the elderly or the infirmed were left standing and the episcopal church has the brick where you can see the musket balls had hit and the story of matilda, commodore john o'neal's daughter rode out to the flagship and commodore or admiral codburn was so impressed by her ability to come out and want to take her father back because she'd been taken prisoner that the admiral actually released her father to her and in the historical museum in maryland they have a small snuff box today that was t
henry? >> the british originally didn't want to go to fort mchenry to capture baltimore and then changed their minds. it took almost a week for them to change their minds. had they gone immediately, many baltimoreans forecast that the city -- afterwards, even in correspondence before the battle of northpoint, that baltimore would have fallen. they were unprepared. they were demoralized. what happened after washington, it galvanized americans. everybody wanted to pay back. especially those who had been in the area. so when the british descended on baltimore, three weeks later, after having been in washington, there were 15,000 defendants. they'd swarmed in from surrounding counties and eastern pennsylvania and virginia. old men, young men. it was raining hard. the eastern hills, which were heavily fortified, were slashed with sudden trenches and even though the men were wet and tired and hungry, they were itching for payback. that's what it did. it fired them up. >> we talk about the burning of washington and wonderful pictures we have seen from the national portrait gallery but the building survived
baltimore, squad 11 and truck 15 were supposed to close on sunday but then the storm hit and the city ordered them to stay in business through thursday. now they will be open even longer, today the city extended their stay until next monday, july the 9th. during this storm clean up we have been very careful to warn you about avoiding downed power lines. people don't usually survive touching them but one person did. tonight he is talking to us. we have the story you will only see here on abc2. >> reporter: this is -- completely the part that's killing me. considering what he has been through the 19-year-old has very few complaints. >> i'm lucky i'm alive. >> reporter: the 19-year-old could have been killed in a freak accident following friday's storm. >> once i woke up i was like what did i just hit? >> reporter: it was a fully active power pole and it's wires which as a result of the storm he said were strung waist high like a fence across this field. while walking in the dark he hit them, dead on. >> i got knocked backwards, my hat flew off my head and from that point they said i
southeast to baltimore where he spent two days. from there, he headed north to philadelphia where he rested for a night, he said before moving on to new york city. the details, it seems were meant to throw off any likely pursuers. if banks had escaped as he states in the letter of the 13th of february he could not have arrived in new york two days later given the stops he had made on the way. but buck -- the person who rented him was not fooled. he suspected banks had gone directly to philadelphia. he sent advertisements announcing the escape to a local slave traders in washington county. in the hope they could cut banks off short of free territory. unfortunately for buck the slave traders were at that time in pennsylvania doing business. there are some suggestion at least among the slave holders in virginia that banks had not acted alone. edward masse suspected he had left in the company of his brother, as i said. while it is not clear that banks had worked with others there had seemed to be a number of other escapes from the area around the same time which suggests the degree of co lugs a
was john anderson, a 25-year-old baltimore slave who had been hired out by his owner for many years and so had lived relatively freely as so many others did in the port city. his friend nettles, a free black lent him his free papers, complicating the picture further is the fact that anderson had been brought on board by his landlord and a young woman. the implication is that the landlord was white. at a time when local observers worried about the existence of elements of the underground railroad in the city, it seems that anderson had the help of net lts, his landlord and an unnamed woman in planning his escape. it was the sort of alliance that haunted southerners. captain rogers faced two problems. one, he knew under maryland law and baltimore ordinances he could be held liable for anderson's escape. secondly he was determined to recover his $23. he concluded best way to resolve both problems was to keep anderson on board rather than put him on shore in norfolk or some other port along the coast where he would be forced to answer potentially embarrassing questions. once the ship dropped a
oklahoma city to baltimore. record breaking heat now linked to two deaths in chicago. this as severe storms ripped through tennessee killing two people and knocking out power to thousands. >>> and thanks but no thanks. the lifeguard fired who leaving his zone for a rescue was offered his job back. why did he turn it down? we'll explain today, july 6th, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm natalie morales. >> i'm willie geist in for matt. more on this morning's jobs reported in a moment. meantime the brutal heat wave that's gripped much of this nation expected finally to come to an end this weekend. >> you may be feeling the impact of the summer scorcher long after this weather cools down. we'll explain straight ahead. >> new details on that fourth of july tragedy off new york's long island, three children killed when a yacht capsized. this morning we'll hear from the man who was operating the boat at the time and lost his nephew in the accident. >>> then on a lighter note, we'll s
across our region from baltimore all the way down, and making its way across the chesapeake. down towards salisbury and ocean city, all the effects from this storm. the good news is it is out of here. we do not expect to see any more anytime soon. how rare is this? well, 1 in 4, or one every four years, star derechos are concerned. one in every two years back to the west, including allegheny county, but it's back to the west he hear about this. chicago, cincinnati, places in ohio, they see about one of those a year. for us, once every four years, i don't think we even see this kind of derecho. it could be one every ten or 20 when we have this type of storm. i'll update you on the complete forecast over the next couple minutes. >>> to help commuters who will be leaving d.c. tonight, hov restrictions have been suspended. that means drivers are free to use any lane of i-270 during the evening rush. >>> also, there is help for xwhuter headed toward virginia tonight. v-dot is lifting hov restrictions for interstate 66 web inside the beltway. regular restrictions to two or more passengers per v
of the board of baltimore. in fact, i ran for office 22 times. i was elected 20 times and defeated twice. i worked for the county. i've worked for the city. i have worked for the state. and you will probably remember that i tried to get a job down in washington, but something happened to me at that time. ♪ ♪ >>> all summer on sundays, american history tv presents "the contenders." this 14-week series highlights key political figures who ran for president and lost but who nevertheless changed political history. our program with al smith airs again tonight on american history tv on c-span3. next sunday, we continue our "contenders" series featuring wendell willkie who ran against fdr in 1940. watch "the contenders" each sunday at 8:30 a.m., 7:30 p.m., and 10:30 p.m. through labor day weekend. >>> up next, at the organization of american historians meeting in milwaukee, new york university professor linda gordon discusses birth control in america. she argues that birth control in the u.s. wasn't controversial until women became politically active and seeking the right to vote in the 19th c
. a closer look shows is near dale city moving east. mount vernon will probably get in on some of. that probably the strongest activity tonight has been in and around the baltimore area and some of these storms have been producing a little hail. now we see rotation high in the storm. that could translate to some wind damage as well. we've had a number of reports of trees down. you notice the green here, those are flash flood warnings for baltimore and that area was hard hit last thursday. these flash flood warnings will go for baltimore, baltimore county, carroll and hartford county until 2 a.m. they've had some heavy rain. that's to not say flooding right now is as bad as last week, but another inch or 2 could fall out of some of these storms moving through. that's where the greatest collection of lightning has been. you can see around the rest of the region we're not seeing that much in the way of lightning. we continue to monitor this line of storms, did a lot of damage in the new york city area, but as they moved through our region, they have weakened as we expected as our mod
think baltimore. >> alvar proteins are dry rub -- all of the are proteins are dry rub. smoked turkey breast. baby back ribs. you can put whenever sauce you want on it. >> this sauce is from kansas city. people come here and they want that good barbecue is they want back home. >> you can almost relive everything. we have a memphis belle sauce made with real molasses. >> this all looks amazing. >> this one is our baby back rib rub with brown sugar and a little bit of old bay. >> we will taste the food and talk about the sides that put the deal altogether. i we teasing you enough already -- are we teasing you enough? >> that is the breakfast of champions. . thankfood connoisseurs you thank you. 68 in rising sun. the dew points are going to start to go up. this front keeps bouncing back and forth. it will come back at us as a warm front. as it gets closer, the dew points will start to go up. the temperature will not change much from yesterday. it will feel more uncomfortable with the dew points. we have seen a few thunderstorms popping up south of us. all that activity will stay south of
and kings port. johnson city over there. around here we've got 60s. mid-60s in gaithersburg. reston 67 this morning. college park 69. it's still 73 up in baltimore. 72 in fort belvoir this morning. 72 in prince frederick in calvert county. 70 in leesburg. a very comfortable morning. clear skies, great visibility as you're looking at the capitol dome. 74 reagan national. humidity 64% and there's the key for us. northerly winds, drier air there at 9 miles an hour. they'll be north, northwest much of the day 5 to 10. we have high pressure once again covering the middle of the country. been like this a lot this summer. that's why they've had the terrible drought and the terrible heat. places like st. louis, kansas city over a hundred once again. big storms in the northern plains. these storms are forced up and over. yes, more rain up in minnesota, the dakotas, these storms come around the ridge. yesterday we got some of those. this morning, though, that boundary is going to be off to our west. so we've got no problem. in fact, behind this boundary, the cooler, drier air is swept down towar
at the height of the storm, sunday morning. anne arundel county, here in the city, 48,000. total of 166,408 bge customers without electricity. >> last night family and friends of a baltimore county teen who died after a fight with an off duty county police officer, take theirs frustrations to the state's attorney offices. christopher brown died from asphyxiation. the officer has been indited on manslaughter charges the family thinks more serious charges should be lodged. >>> in westminster police looking for a man who assault add young woman near mcdaniel college the man approached the woman asking for a cigarette before slamming her into a stone column at that point she managed to runaway the man sought is also being described late 20s early 30s with a buzz cut. >> stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, complete here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one
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